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The Wheel Professor

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Article written by Tom Madigan April 2006

Tom Madigan has been an automotive writer for over 40 years. He was a feature editor for Popular Hot Rodding magazine for many years and has written several books including Boss: The Bill Stroppe Story and The Loner: the Story of a Drag Racer. Tom recently wrote the book Edelbrock: Made in the USA.

Larry Anderson, the Wheel Professor, believes in quality of product no matter what the decade.

In the old days, many of the pioneers who manufactured high performance equipment for hot rods and race cars were themselves racers and enthusiasts. Over the years, big business took over, the bottom line became the definitive goal and most of the small shop operators gave in to progress. The one on one approach between supplier and racer was lost. Marketing, bulk sales, wholesale distribution took priority over any personal relationship. The manufacturer became a nameless figure and direct contact with the customer was long forgotten. Today mass marketing, warehouse capacity and sales figures dominant the performance industry as product demand forces more emphasis on quantity and less on quality. (more…)