The TQ Wheel – a brief history

TQ Rod WheelThe TQ Rod Wheel was designed and introduced in 2000 by Larry Anderson. Anderson is a 40 year veteran of the wheel industry and a Hot Rodder. In the late 90′s, Anderson decided to recreate the favorite car of his youth, a 1954 Olds Super 88.

Being a wheel designer, he wasn’t satisfied with the choices that were available from the wheel industry. It seemed that there was a lack of individualism in the Hot Rod field, and that everyone ran the same two or three styles. So Anderson designed the TQ and started selling Hot Rod wheels.

In January of 2007, Anderson retired and sold his Hot Rod wheel business to HRH Classic Alloys. He now spends most of his time working on his own Rods and doing a little consulting to the wheel industry. Along with the TQ, HRH offers a wide variety of wheels and tires for Rods and Customs. Call them at 800.372.5133 or check out their website at Also check out Anderson’s Blog at

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  1. Ken Archibald Says:

    Thanks for the experiences we learned in the early 1990′s. I appreciate what I learned from you. If you have a technically challenging project, I welcome involvement. I am practically retired, but game for wheel conceptual developments.
    Thanks for the good learning experiences.

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